These are the Redguard installation instructions.  If you are installing Tombraider try here.

Read through these instructions to the end before starting.  If you run into any problems try the support page.

Special start up procedure

I've put this section first because it is the most important.  It is not the first thing to do.

Under Windows NT, 2000 and XP there's a little fiddling involved in starting Redguard.  When using one of these versions of Windows, you must not select Glidos's fullscreen mode; you must allow Glidos to run in a window.  Select "Redguard" from the game list and check you are not in fullscreen mode by pressing the "Adjust" button and looking at the fullscreen checkbox.

When you are ready to start Redguard, press the "Start game" button in the usual way.  As Redguard starts up, a warning message will appear, mentioning something about Redguard trying to access the hard disc directly.  This is nothing to worry about: whatever it is that Redguard is trying to do, Windows is not allowing it.  Press the "Ignore" button and Redguard will continue to start up.  After a moment more the whole screen will go black, with a little flashing white cursor in the top right-hand corner.  Hold down the <ALT> key and while doing so press the <Enter> key.  You will then find yourself back in the Windows desktop, with Redguard running in a window.


Don't expect the audio setup to work during the installation of Redguard.  The thing to do is look inside C:\Program Files\Reguard\sound, after installation, and run a program called setsound.exe.  Under Windows XP, install VDMSound before doing so, and start setsound.exe by right-clicking it and selecting "Run with VDMS".  Let the setsound program autodetect the sound card.

Under Windows 98 audio is a bit more experimental  I had to update my drivers to make it work.  I've been told that using VxD based drivers can help, but I am using WDM based ones.  Again, you should run setsound.exe to do the setup, and in this case let it autodetect.

Installing Redguard

Redguard has a nice installer that just works.  You get to choose between the software version and the 3dfx version.  Choose the 3dfx version, obviously.  You may find that you have problems with sound configuration and you may just want to skip over that.  Install to "C:\Program Files\Redguard" if possible, otherwise you will need to edit Glidos's glidos.ini file for Glidos to be able to find the game.

In-game movies

Glidos will play the in-game movies, but you need to have the Redguard Disc No2 in your CD drive.  If you find they wont play, then check the file "System.ini" in the Redguard folder.  It has a line specifying the "animation_drive".  The installer may have gotten this wrong, and you may need to change it to the correct letter for your CD drive.