Triggering of audio tracks

When the original Play Station version of Tomb Raider was ported over to the PC platform, it was such a shame that so much of Nathan McCree's haunting music was lost.  Even worse, that a later release by Sold Out Software should have the atmospheric background sounds omitted.  Still, it is the tradition of Glidos to restore Tomb Raider to full glory - originally just the graphics, but now the sound also.

Now, thanks to the work of Kevin Bracey, Glidos provides a simple way to restore the entire set of audio tracks. All you have to do is:

Doing so will reenstate TR1's audio fully.

Improved In-game video quality

The original Play Station version of Tomb Raider also had higher quality in-game movies than the later PC release, but worry not: Glidos v1.49 or later can restore the better quality movies, using a downloadable FMV pack. To use this pack, you should:
  • Install Glidos v1.59 or later.
  • Install the FMV Pack (or the german veresion)
  • Adjust Glidos's Audio/Movies settings, checking the box labelled "Use FMV pack".
Glidos will then play the higher-quality Playstation movies in place of the PC versions. Don't expect cutting edge HD video. These are movies of the same resolution, just using a better comptession method.