Here's the procedure for buying Glidos and getting rid of the annoying logo.

Make sure you have Glidos working

Don't buy Glidos unless you are happy that it works for you satisfactorily.  Although it is my intention to use your payment to fund time to improve Glidos, there may be problems specific to your computer which will not be corrected for some time.  Get it working first; then you know what you are getting for your $10. Check that you can save game positions, because a few people have found that to be a problem, and I'd rather you didn't discover that you share this problem after you have paid.

Make the payment using PayPal

The price for unlocking Glidos is $10.  Select your country of residence, and click the payment button to transfer to PayPal's secure payment site, where you can make the payment in several ways.  If you are not already one of PayPal's ten million users, then you will need to register, but its a very quick and simple process, and costs nothing.  The payment goes to Laser Point Software Ltd, which is the company I set up for my daytime job.  If you run into any problems with payment, contact me on

Note: you must have a working email account registered with Paypal before purchasing Glidos

As part of the payment process, you will provide PayPal with your name and email address.  Keep a note of the exact form in which you gave your name, and which email address you used.  You will need this information to unlock Glidos now, and perhaps at other times in the future, when you upgrade your computer.  Even if you change to using a different email address in the future, keep a note of which email address you used when making the payment so you can quote it in future correspondence.

Use the Glidos unlock service

When you have completed the payment via PayPal, you will be returned to the Glidos unlock page.  You need to log on to the unlock service, and to do so requires the email address supplied to PayPal, and a password.  The password will have been sent to you by email.  You will need to wait for that email message to arrive.  It should take no more than a few minutes, but can of course be held up in transmission.  As soon as you have your password, you can log on and follow the rest of the instructions to unlock Glidos, and remove the spinning logo.